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Capel Sandblasters

"Our Commitment is to Quality"

Capel Sandblasters is the industry leader in blasting and surface treatment of fabricated industrial steel and components.
Our fully equipped workshop and qualified personal can produce blast work to a 2.5 blast pattern and apply coatings to specified Australian Standards with full testing and documentation.
CSB's services include:
  • Garnet blasting and industrial painting
    • Abrasive blasting process where a garnet is blasted at high pressure at the surface to eliminate
      corrosion and produce a surface profile in preparation for the application of coatings.
    • Full range of coating systems to meet any environment.
    • Restoring equipment and provide industrial painting services.
  • Soda Blasting
    • Mining and heavy plant equipment – removes grease, dirt, oil and paint.
    • Brick cleaning – paint and mortar removal from bricks and concrete.
    • Graffiti removal – removes graffiti easily without chemicals.
    • Auto paint removal – strips paint from cars to bare metal without harming the surface.
    • Stainless steel cleaning – ideal preparation for hygienic cleaning.
  • Colour and specifications to suit clients' requirements.
  • Full documentation and testing to specifications supplied.
  • Large yard area for laydown and job handling.
  • Mobile unit for on-site blasting and painting.
  • Conventional and airless spray systems.